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5 Considerations for Choosing Pipe Bursting in Acworth

The age of destructive pipe repair and installation is over. Now, advanced technology has emerged in the trenchless system- an evidently better way to repair or replace your sewer line without the hassles and havoc of traditional methods. Here are 5 considerations for choosing pipe bursting in Acworth:

1. Cost

Pipe bursting costs less than any of the traditional methods for repairing or replacing sewer pipes. The costs of hiring a crew to operate the heavy machinery is no longer a must when considering trenchless technology. The manual labor and work hours are also lessened in the process. As you might know, the excavation part is needed to inspect the damage caused by the faulty pipes. If your pipes are not located in a railway, under water or any other difficult place, then you can spend less by choosing trenchless sewer repair and replacement.

2. Landscaping

People usually living in the suburbs have no problems with excavation and landscape digging, but those living in the city certainly do. You might be living close to a neighbor, or worry about your current landscape you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Trenchless technology preserves that landscape to its original state. Pipe bursting does away with destroying your lawn or front yard and it only creates two small holes for the technicians to work with. The first hole is used for a close inspection using a fiber optic camera, and the second hole is for the new pipes to run through the existing sewer line system.

3. Efficiency

Pipe installation in the olden days made it clear that homeowners will not have the convenience of running water while their pipes are being repaired. In today’s fast-paced world, it simply is unacceptable. Pipe bursting is the answer when you need to get back as soon as you can in daily life. This holds true for most commercial and retail establishments so as not to lose potential profits while their sewer and drain lines are being repaired.

4. Ecological Factor

Pipe bursting is the best environment-friendly process in repairing your old sewer lines. It doesn’t require any harmful chemicals or toxic substances to be flushed down the piping in hopes of clearing blockage. It is also the least disruptive of sewer line repairs as compared to digging up the earth in traditional sewer replacement methods. The materials used in the new piping are environmentally safe (made from HDPE). Furthermore, the new pipes do not disintegrate or leak chemical contaminants into the surrounding soil. You won’t need to have it replaced for around 50 years, or even longer with proper maintenance.

5. Long Term Solution

Due to the quality of the piping material and the technology behind trenchless sewer repair, they are the obvious choice for long term solution. Residents and commercial owners would certainly not want to deal with repairs and replacements every few years. Pipe bursting is cost-effective and it lasts a long time. Once you have HDPE pipes installed, you can sit back and worry about the more important things in life.

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