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Starting the Year Right: How to Ensure Your Pipes are Clog-Free

Starting the Year Right: How to Ensure Your Pipes are Clog-Free

Whether it's your kitchen sink or bathtub, Dealing with clogged and slow drains can be such a hassle. Unclogging your pipes is not always as easy as it seems, and if done wrong, could deteriorate the condition of your pipes, resulting in even more expensive repairs. If your pipes are clogged, the plumbing experts from The Pipe Medic will help keep your pipes in check. We specialize in sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA and other drain-related services.

We have a few practical tips you can use to ensure your pipes are clog-free.

1.  Use Drain Guards

Drain guards, also known as drain protectors, are ideal for creating the first line of defense against food leftovers and hairs. Drain guards come in various sizes, materials, and shapes for your shower drains, bathtubs, or kitchen sinks. The best part? They’re easily available and don’t cost a fortune. Consult with a drain inspection specialist regarding the best strainer size for your drains.

2.  Keep Grease Out of Your Drains

Grease oil and fat can find their way down your drains when you wash cookwares in the sink. The sticky combination adheres to the interior of your pipes, eventually building up to form clogs. Washing dishes is unavoidable, but our plumbing inspection experts recommend disposing of the grease in the garbage before rinsing the dishes in the sink to avoid clogging.

3.  Use Hot Water

While it’s no substitute for professional drain cleaning and sewer video inspection services, flushing hot water down the drains after washing oily or greasy dishes will help dislodge the small amounts of grease that might have found their way into the pipes. 

4.  Regular Sewer Video Inspections

Some clogs lodged deep within your pipes are hard to locate. Regular pipe camera inspection services can help pinpoint the location of hidden clogs, help catch clogs before they escalate, and prevent them from damaging the plumbing system.

Contact The Pipe Medic for trusted drain and pipe inspection services.

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