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Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

drain cleaning in Marietta, GA

Clogged drains are among the most persistent piping issues. A clogged drain may be due to a combination of numerous items. At The Pipe Medic, we provide drain cleaning in Marietta, GA that can help uphold your plumbing system's efficiency. Below are the leading reasons for recurring clogs in your business premises or house.

  1. Foreign Items

Draining foreign objects in your sink, bathtub, or toilet gradually blocks the sewer system. Such items include pebbles, balls, and toys. To prevent such clogs, restrain your babies from disposing of such objects down the drain. Most importantly, teach them about the dangers of flushing down non-flushable things. Drain covers are also vital to ensure that your plumbing system remains safe. If it’s too late already, hydro jetting is efficient to correct such blockages.

  2. Food Waste

Throwing food remains down the kitchen drain is one of the major causes of recurring clogs. Improper disposal blocks the drains, even when the drain has a garbage disposal. Oily foods harden along the sewer lines, obstructing water drainage.

In the event of recurring clogs in your kitchen sink, seek assistance from a drain cleaning company. Additionally, make sure to purchase a trash can for getting rid of food scraps.

  3. Diapers and Baby Wipes

Disposing of baby products down the toilet drain damages your sewer system. These products have guidelines on proper ways of disposal.

Diapers swell upon taking in any fluid. Consequently, they grow larger once you flush them down the toilet drain. Use a hands-free trash can to eliminate soiled diapers. You should wrap the dirty baby wipes in the used diapers for proper disposal. If you accidentally flush down such products, professional hydro jetting will repair your plumbing system.

  4. Tree Roots

The growth of tree roots in the sewer lines builds a massive hindrance to water flow. Inspect your plumbing system every month to check for root infiltration. While installing the piping system, ensure that it doesn’t overlap with the tree roots. Our drain cleaning services offer solutions to issues such as this one.

The Pipe Medic is your go-to company for impeccable drain cleaning services. Contact us and let us help you protect your plumbing system from recurring clogs.

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