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Your Source for Expert Pipe Repair in Atlanta, GA

Sewer Camera Inspection Atlanta

When you're in need of a reliable pipe repair company in Atlanta, GA, The Pipe Medic is the only name you need to know. This is especially if you prefer local experience coupled with a firm commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. This is exactly what you can expect with our top-quality, cost-effective pipe repair solutions.

Our Reliable Pipe Repair Services

We offer a broad range of pipe repair services in Atlanta, GA, for our clients. While we specialize in trenchless methods, we also offer traditional repair options. With traditional repair, we carefully plan the work to make the process as smooth and well-organized as possible from start to finish. We're equally diligent about cleanup when all work is done.

Pipe repair can be trenchless or traditional. Traditional pipe repair involves excavation or digging, Trenchless methods are done through access points without digging. Our goal with any type of pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, is to offer the most appropriate solution for each distinct sewer pipe issue. In some cases, this means conditions aren't right for trenchless techniques. With situations like this, traditional methods are typically more appropriate and beneficial.

If pipe repair isn't possible at all, you may benefit from pipe replacement in Atlanta, GA. This is another time when traditional methods may be best, although we also offer minimally invasive pipe bursting options.

Most Common Causes of Pipe Problems

A lack of pipe maintenance in Atlanta, GA, is one of the factors that can contribute to pipe problems. Age is another factor. Older pipes tend to be more susceptible to common pipe-related problems that include:

Atlanta Sewer Camera Inspection

Routine pipe maintenance can also allow issues of this nature to be detected sooner rather than later. Another step we take with pipe repair is to perform a camera inspection to determine if any of these common pipe problems are affecting your pipes.

When Is Traditional Pipe Repair Necessary

Traditional pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, may be necessary if conditions aren't right for trenchless techniques. For instance, if results from an initial camera inspection show a pipe has collapsed or is severely damaged, then a liner can't be inserted into it. If this is the case, a traditional repair method is likely to be recommended. Some homeowners also benefit from traditional techniques if a pipe is damaged in multiple areas or has several weak spots.

With pipe replacement, some home homeowners also prefer not to have an old or damaged pipe broken up and pushed further down into the ground, which is what's done with pipe bursting. When this is the case, traditional methods can be used as well.

Get in Touch With The Pipe Medic

The first step with pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, is to get an accurate diagnosis from The Pipe Medic. We have provided the state of Georgia with exemplary results for decades, and we'll definitely do the same thing for you when you contact us about pipe-related concerns. We also offer 10% discounts for veterans and convenient financing options. Contact The Pipe Medic today to make the most of our pipe repair services, so call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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