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What a Pipe Inspection Can Detect

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Drainage and water piping systems play a crucial role when it comes to proper waste disposal. However, drainage management has always proven challenging, thus becoming a menace when issues do arise. As a result, property owners and facility managers need to rely on an efficient way, such as pipe camera inspection services, to keep track of any abnormalities within the pipes.

Luckily, The Pipe Medic is the leading provider of reliable sewer camera inspection services in Canton, GA. You can count on us for assistance regarding your pipe concerns.

What A Pipe Inspection Can Detect

A pipe or plumbing inspection is essential to your drainage or water system since it helps to detect any malfunctioning or developing blockage within the pipes.

Signs of Corrosion

Pipe inspections are done with the help of specialized cameras than can fit inside the pipes and can provide high-resolution, real-time footage of what’s going on with your pipes. Any abnormalities, such as signs of corrosion, can be spotted with the help of camera inspections.

Cuts and Pitting

Cuts and pitting can sometimes prove difficult to locate along your pipes or drainage lines, but it’s possible for these types of damage to be detected using advanced pipe inspection technology.


Typically, a gouge in a pipe is defined as dents on the material of the pipe surface, thus causing a reduction in the diameter of the tube. When we carry out sewer pipe and drain inspection services, we make sure to check for gouging as these can accelerate pipe deterioration.

Wall Loss and Fatigue Cracks

Wall loss and fatigue cracks can be tricky to locate. Nevertheless, our team usually manages to detect the above signs during sewer video inspection processes without having to dig up the pipes.

Reliable, Efficient Pipe Inspection Services

Pipe inspections have to be conducted with utmost care and expertise to avoid causing or exacerbating issues. Don’t hesitate to contact The Pipe Medic if you need help checking the condition of your pipes.

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