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How Efficient Is the Trenchless Sewer Replacement Process?

How Efficient Is the Trenchless Sewer Replacement Process?

While trenchless sewer repairs and replacements have been around for decades, there are still some that are not aware of the service or are not ready to trust it. However, the truth is that trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA is just as efficient and effective as traditional methods of pipe replacement.

Here at The Pipe Medic, we can help you see why trenchless sewer replacement services are actually a good pipe rehabilitation option.

How Does It Work?

The trenchless pipe lining method eliminates the need for major excavation, thus streamlining the process for both the contractors and the property owners. Part of the procedure’s efficiency is exhibited in the following advantages.

1. Saves Time and Money

Less disturbance from the trenchless pipe replacement service means that projects using trenchless methods can be completed much faster. Traditional construction jobs are less convenient and can take almost double the time. Additionally, less time means less money being spent on restoration costs and labor.

2. Minimally Intrusive

Underground infrastructures are commonly installed under buildings, forests, and bodies of water to maintain their environment-friendly design. This is done using special equipment. When performing a trenchless sewer repair or replacement, expect only minimal disturbance to the ground. You can preserve your landscape while getting your pipes back to their former functionality.

Construction projects that involve trenchless methods are less disruptive to surrounding areas. Everyone in the area will be less upset with the noise compared to the noise traditional construction and pipe replacement methods offer.

3. Lasting Results

With a trenchless sewer replacement, you’re essentially left with a new pipe within a pipe. So, you’re actually getting a new pipe which can last just as long (and maybe even longer) as the previous one, sans the damage.

Get in touch with The Pipe Medic to discuss your trenchless pipe replacement options. Our team specializes in trenchless sewer repair and will be able to help you make an informed decision.

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