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Reasons to Inspect the Sewer
Lines of Older Homes

Reasons to Inspect the Sewer Lines of Older Homes

Sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA are important when purchasing a property, especially if you’re considering buying an older house. Here are some of the reasons why sewer line inspections are crucial and why they are doubly beneficial for older homes.

Older Homes Usually Have Failing Sewer Lines

Older houses may have some cost perks, and they may fit your need to renovate and own the style of your home. However, older houses can be home to many sewer line issues, primarily due to the wear and tear and years of constant use. That is why you must get a pipe camera inspection of your sewer lines so you have an idea of the extent of damage.

Faults in the plumbing can lead to leaks and even structural damage. Without prompt plumbing inspection and repairs, these two issues can cause your utility and house maintenance costs to skyrocket.

Constricted Water Flow

In the event that a home's pipe system malfunctions or becomes defective, the water flow and water pressure are negatively affected. Such can also be the case when minerals build up in the pipes. Having experts conduct a sewer video inspection prior is one way to prevent water flow-related problems such as a defective pressure regulator or a water meter valve that’s only partly opened, among other things.

Presence of Toxic Materials

Old pipe systems and linings are likely made of materials such as cast iron, copper, and galvanized steel, all of which are highly prone to rust and corrosion. Common pipe materials used around the 1970s include polybutylene, which is an inexpensive plastic yet susceptible to cracks when exposed to heat. A drain inspection points out any type of damage your existing sewer line might have.

Additionally, conducting a plumbing inspection helps you know what materials your sewer system line is made of to determine whether a replacement is in order.

Your sewer line system is crucial to a comfortable home. A professional sewer inspection helps ensure that your old home is a worthy investment. Contact The Pipe Medic for all of your drain inspection needs.

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