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Leading Culprits Behind Clogged Drains

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If you're looking for a plumber to help you with drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, you should work with a company that has top-rated professionals, like The Pipe Medic. Our team is always ready to deal with any type of clog issue. Drain cleaning can help you deal with a variety of issues that could bring your home's plumbing system to a standstill.

Below, we list the most common reasons behind a clogged drain.

Clog Issues that Need Drain Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons that someone would need to rely on a drain cleaning company is because of clogs. There are several reasons that your drains could become clogged.


Grease getting poured down kitchen drains is one of the most common reasons that drains become clogged. People often wash cooking grease down drains and follow it up with hot water, assuming that the heat from the hot water will prevent the grease from sticking to the drain. The opposite happens. Once the hot water cools, the grease cools as well, getting stuck inside the drain and causing buildup.

That buildup eventually fills and clogs the pipe, which then necessitates drain cleaning services.

Tree Roots

Many people are unaware tree roots can grow into pipes. When pipes have small cracks and holes, tree roots underground can make their way inside of them, continuing to grow inside the pipe and causing a blockage. We utilize highly efficient drain cleaning methods such as hydro jetting for clogs of this nature and severity.

Items/Objects Flushed Down Toilets

Items like sanitary napkins and paper towels that are thrown into toilets often end up clogging the pipes in your residence. Plunging doesn't usually work in situations like these, but our drain cleaning professionals are trained to remove these clogs easily with our advanced drain cleaning tools and techniques.

Got clogged drains? The Pipe Medic can help. Contact us today.

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