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When Is Trenchless Pipe Lining Ideal?

tree roots near pipes

While trenchless pipe lining is highly efficient and offers many benefits, the pipe restoration method works best when certain conditions are met. The Pipe Medic offers trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA. We recommend trenchless solutions for the following instances.

Pipes Affected by Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots are an unlikely but a common cause of drain pipe issues, since they can obstruct the flow of wastewater when they find their way inside of the pipes. When the tree root intrusion is severe, it could cause total pipe collapse, so if you suspect that tree roots have caused damage to your plumbing system, call The Pipe Medic so we could give your pipes a new tree root-resistant piping via trenchless pipe lining.

Stable Pipes

Since trenchless pipe restoration methods rely on the existing structure of a damaged pipe, it makes sense that the process works well on compromised yet still structurally stable pipes. Trenchless pipe replacement can be used to reinforce damaged but structurally stable pipes. The process involves coating the interior of the pipe using a new liner made of epoxy resin. The new pipe-within-the-pipe will seal off any imperfections that causes issues such as leaks, thus enhancing the pipe's integrity resulting in a pipe that can withstand the majority of potential damage and issues.

When Only a Section Needs Restoration

Often, you may only need to restore a section of pipe. For example, if you have a small leak in your sewer system and it's located under your house, it can be hard to access. The good news is that our team can replace just that section using trenchless sewer replacement, sparing you from the headache of having your whole property excavated.

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement is a convenient and cost-effective way to restore older or damaged pipes, but it’s crucial to first know whether your pipes will be a good candidate for it.

Call The Pipe Medic today and let us help you determine whether you can benefit from trenchless pipe lining.

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