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When Is Hydro Jetting Not Recommended?

When Is Hydro Jetting Not Recommended?

Nothing beats hydro-jetting when it comes to breaking and clearing obstructions in the pipes. The process utilizes highly pressurized water to remove grease, dirt, or tree roots in order to unclog the pipes. It has numerous advantages and it’s steadily been gaining popularity as a method of drain cleaning in Roswell, GA. However, performing it in some scenarios described below is not recommended.

The good news is that The Pipe Medic is a reliable and efficient drain cleaning company that evaluates the condition of your pipes before carrying out any services. Reconsider hydro jetting under the following circumstances.

Inexperienced Individuals

It's not advisable to do hydro jetting if your chosen professional does not specialize in this particular drain cleaning process. Clearing a clogged drain using high-pressured water is a process that requires special skills. If not performed properly by a trained professional like The Pipe Medic, it’s best to just not perform hydro jetting at all.

Severely Damaged Pipes

Hydro jetting is not appropriate if the pipes are severely damaged due to factors such as a root infestation, corrosion, and collapse. The already-weakened pipe structure can be damaged by the high-pressure water flowing out of the multi-directional nozzle. 

Aging Pipes

Your older pipes might not be necessarily severely damaged, but unfortunately, the older the pipes get, the more susceptible to cracks and breakage they become. This means that drain cleaning services such as hydro jetting are not suitable to be performed as the pressurized water could damage the aging pipes.

A lot can go wrong during a drain cleaning appointment if the situation is not assessed properly. Fortunately, The Pipe Medic makes sure that all bases are covered so that the drain cleaning process goes smoothly and successfully. So if you’ve got a clogged drain and need drain cleaning services, it’s best to consult with a professional first to know your options.

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