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How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Differs From Traditional Methods

How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Differs From Traditional Methods

When faced with a sewer or drainage issue, there’s no property owner that wouldn’t want the problem to be resolved right away. Before the introduction of trenchless solutions such as trenchless pipe lining, the only way to get your sewer pipes fixed was to turn to dig-and-replace methods, which have always been labor and cost-intensive. 

Luckily, The Pipe Medic offers trenchless pipe repair in Canton, GA which is a friendlier and innovative way to replace old or broken pipes, including clean sanitary sewer lines, water pipes, storm drains, and gas lines.

Here’s how trenchless pipe replacement differs from traditional pipe restoration methods.

What is Trenchless Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair and other related services entail repairing broken underground sewer pipes without the need for excavation of the landscape. It is the preferred method of pipe repair due to the ease and convenience it affords property owners. Pipe repair technicians, through trenchless pipe replacement, have managed to use existing sewer lines as hosts for the new piping as an alternative to having to remove the damaged drain pipes before it can be replaced.

Differences between Trenchless and Traditional Pipe Repair

Traditional sewer replacement involves digging a trench in the yard to expose the sewer line and to physically access the point of damage. This is not the case with trenchless sewer replacement, as the latter’s process only involves making repairs via an access point.

Unlike traditional techniques, the trenchless pipe repair method is fast and cost effective with minimal inconvenience to the everyone involved. Through trenchless pipe lining, leaks and tree root intrusions are taken care of. Moreover, traditional pipe rehabilitation methods can take up to days, and digging causes destruction of landscape and hence the clients incur extra costs to repair their yards, whereas trenchless pipe solutions can be finished in as little as a day and eliminates the need for landscape restoration.

Trenchless sewer replacement has proven to be minimally invasive and cost-effective. Contact The Pipe Medic today to schedule an appointment.

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