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How Trenchless Services
Ensures Efficiency

trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA

Fast and efficient are definitely two words that can describe trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA. It's one of the trenchless pipe rehab services offered by The Pipe Medic that can ensure optimal efficiency while also saving you time and money. Here's how.

There's Little or No Digging

Both trenchless pipe replacement and repair are processes that involve little or no excavation-related work. This fact alone makes trenchless services much more efficient than traditional repair or replacement methods. Plus, you won't be left with a big mess to deal with when our crew is done!

Pipes Can Sometimes Be Restored Internally

A no-dig method known as trenchless pipe lining is efficient since the damaged or worn pipe is restored from the inside. This is accomplished by applying an epoxy-resin coating with an inflatable liner. After the applied material hardens, the target pipe will be restored internally – quickly and efficiently.

Severely Damaged Pipes Can Be Broken Up

In order for trenchless sewer repair to be an option, the target pipe needs to still be stable. Should this not be the case, it may still be possible to efficiently replace the damaged pipe. An efficient trenchless solution known as pipe bursting achieves this goal by breaking up the old pipe and replacing it with a new one. The work is primarily done within the space where the old pipe existed.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis Today

The Pipe Medic has the cure for what's ailing your pipes. We'll check out your pipes and let you know if you may benefit from trenchless sewer replacement or repair. Regardless of what's going on with your underground pipes, we'll deliver fast, efficient results.

Contact us today to fully explore the possibilities with trenchless pipe repair and other services we offer.

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