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The Top Pipe Repair Company in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire country, and its sewer system is one of the busiest. When you need sewer repairs in such a large city, you need a sewer repair company with the tools and experience to handle a huge job. The Pipe Medic is that company. We are your no-dig pipe repair experts. Traditional sewer repairs require digging long, deep trenches; often just to diagnose the problem. The fix itself can take days or even weeks, and then you have the added time and expense of repairing the trench. And if you have to dig up a city street or sidewalk, you’re going to need a permit from the city. The Pipe Medic can eliminate all of that headache with our trenchless solutions. Call us today and let us show you how!

The Pipe Medic is here offering state-of-the-art trenchless pipe repair, sewer camera inspections, and drain cleaning in the Atlanta area.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Do you have old sewer pipes that are starting to fall apart? Digging up your yard and replacing the pipes is costly and time-consuming. The better solution is trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA. Call on the experts in minimally invasive services that residents and businesses trust with their pipe repair needs. 

We can assess your current drain and recommend options for how to remedy any issues found. It may be tree roots growing into the pipes. It could be an old cast iron pipe finally starting to rust through. No matter the reason, our trenchless pipe repair can fix the pipe without digging up your yard.

Sewer Camera Inspection

The fastest, easiest way to assess the condition of your main drain is with a sewer camera inspection. We use a high-resolution camera on the end of a long rod to inspect the drain.

Our sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA, are non-invasive. We slip the camera down the drain clean-out. Our camera allows us to find cracks in the pipe, tree roots infiltrating the pipe, and clogs blocking the flow of waste. It gives us a pinpoint location where problems lie.

Drain Cleaning

Drains can get clogged for any number of reasons. Grease and oil can plug the line. Tree roots can infiltrate and create a screen that catches waste. No matter the reason for the clog, we have a solution to get rid of it.

We offer several options for drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA. Hydro jetting is the most common solution we use. It uses a high-pressure spray of water to blast away the clogs. It's even powerful enough to remove tree roots.

Pipe Repair

Don't let a cracked drain pipe cause more stress. You won't have to spend a ton of money digging up your yard just to make repairs. You need our pipe repair company in Atlanta, GA, as The Pipe Medic specializes in fixing pipes without digging trenches.

Our pipe lining service is the answer you need. We insert a liner into your drain pipe that's coated with epoxy. We use a bladder to inflate the liner, pushing the epoxy against the existing pipe walls. Once it hardens, this liner becomes solid and ready to carry the waste for years to come.

Contact Our Team Today

The Pipe Medic is comprised of the trusted pipe repair experts in Atlanta, GA, that offer 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of drain specialists has local experience and the latest training. We've provided the state of Georgia with exemplary results for decades. Check out our promos. We offer 10% off for veterans. We also have financing available for qualified customers. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment. 

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