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Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repairs Over Traditional Methods

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Before the introduction of pipe restoration methods such as trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, damaged pipes had to be dug out so that repairs can be done. However, thanks to developments in the pipe lining industry, property owners now have an alternative to traditional dig-and-replace methods.

The Pipe Medic talks about trenchless sewer repair and how it fares against pipe repair methods that involve excavation.

Trenchless Repairs Don’t Produce Waste

No digging is required, which reduces the damage caused to the environment. Moreover, the no-dig method leaves the affected pipe in the ground (in fact, the damaged pipe is utilized as the base structure of the new pipe-within-a-pipe). On the other hand, when the broken pipes are dug out of the soil, they have to be disposed of and would only add to the landfill.

They Are Less Time-Consuming

Since trenchless pipe lining does not involve extensive excavation, the aspects that make digging trenches a time-consuming process is eliminated. With the work hours considerably cut down, the labor costs will also go down. It goes without saying that trenchless solutions are ideal for budget-savvy proprietors who prefer for projects to not drag on needlessly.

Trenchless Repairs Are Cost-Effective

As mentioned, the trenchless pipe replacement process has no digging involved, saving you from the cost of labor and landscaping restoration expenses.

They Enhance the Pipe’s Functionality

Trenchless repairs increase your sewage system's flow volume as it removes the imperfections that hinder the flow of wastewater, thus enhancing your system's functionality.

Trenchless Repairs Are Long-Lasting

The materials used for trenchless sewer replacement are of high quality and do not rust or corrode. This means your pipe system can last for decades without replacements, and you likely won’t need repairs in the years to come.

Trenchless repairs offer convenient and efficient results. Call The Pipe Medic today to schedule an appointment.

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