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Is Pipe Replacement Possible During Winter?

Is Pipe Replacement Possible During Winter?

Generally, winter isn't the ideal time to schedule pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, or any type of repairs, for that matter. Even so, it's still something the team from The Pipe Medic may be able to do under certain circumstances when pipework can't be put off until weather conditions change.

If you have a pipe in an exposed area that needs prompt attention from a pipe repair company during the cooler months of the year, here's what you need to know about repair and replacement possibilities.

Determining the Nature of the Problem

The first step we take with pipe replacement or repair is to determine the nature and extent of the problem. We can often do this with a quick and easy camera inspection. The results from our initial assessment and inspection allow us to answer the question posed above with more certainty. Factors we typically look at include:

  • The location of the affected pipe

  • The extent of the damage

  • How much accessibility we have to do the work

Utilizing Trenchless Methods

Traditional pipe installation and replacement involving excavation may not be possible once the ground becomes frozen and digging can't be practically and effectively done. However, because trenchless methods do not require extensive excavation, it's often possible to repair or replace a pipe during the winter months. Even if full replacement is what's needed, a trenchless technique known as pipe bursting can give you a new pipe in the same space as the old one – without excavation.

We may also be able to give you a new pipe within the existing one with trenchless methods.

Start with an Inspection and Assessment Today

Choose The Pipe Medic as your go-to pipe maintenance experts and we'll work with you to find a solution regardless of what time of year the problem might crop up.

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