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What to Expect from Sewer Camera Inspections

sewer camera inspection services in Roswell, GA

The sewer camera inspection services in Roswell, GA offered by The Pipe Medic are intended to give you a clear idea of exactly what is going on in your sewers so that well-informed, cost-effective decisions can be made. Keep reading to learn more about just what you can expect from our sewer camera inspection.

No Disruptions to Your Property

Unlike exploratory excavation, a sewer video inspection is done in a way that will not disturb your property. The camera that's attached to a flexible cable is inserted into the sewer line being inspected through an existing entry point called a cleanout. This is a standard service access point that's part of most sewer systems, and no digging needs to be done to be able to access this cleanout.

Real-Time Results

A sewer or drain inspection produces results you can see for yourself – and in real time. As the camera is guided through the sewer pipe by one of our technicians, the images will be shown on a monitor. You're welcome to view the results as the inspection is done, or you can watch the recorded footage. Either way, you'll have a better understanding of the overall condition of your sewer pipes.

Added Peace of Mind

Even if nothing major is found with a pipe camera inspection, you'll benefit from the added peace of mind of knowing the condition of your sewer lines. You can also rest assured after a camera inspection if you’ve just moved into a home that's older and want to know if the drain issues you’ve been noticing are sewer-related. Sewer inspections are also beneficial when you want clear documentation on file of the condition of your sewer system.

We also highly recommend regular inspections if you have mature or large trees on your property near your sewer lines to monitor any potential tree root infiltration.

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Whether you're already seeing signs of a problem or you just want to know what's going on in places you can't ordinarily see, there's no time like the present to schedule a plumbing inspection.

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