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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Alpharetta, GA

Trenchless Pipe Lining Alpharetta

The Process of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Detecting a leaking or corroded pipeline is a major issue many homeowners face when managing their sewer line. Especially in old homes, pipes can be easily damaged or infiltrated by roots due to the materials that the pipes consist of. Historically, pipes were not created out of the doable materials they are today. This can cause many problems to crop up over the years, leading to many repairs.

Up until the 1970’s technicians would have no choice but to manually dig up a homeowners lawn or floorboards in order to access issues within the pipelines. This lead to days of manual digging, breaking open pipes, and manually replacing them. If multiple lines needed to be accessed, it could even take weeks. Homeowners had to add in the cost of not only the service technicians cost, but the cost to rehabilitate their homes and lawns afterward. This made sewer repairs costly and timely.

Trenchless technology was created to try to speed up and lower the cost of such operations. At its core, trenchless methods are used to bypass manual digging. This means manual digging is not needed and technicians can gain entry to small access points that don’t destroy homes or lawns in the process.

Alpharetta Trenchless Pipe Lining

Cured-In-Place Pipe

One of these methods is known as CIPP, or cure in place piping. If a homeowner is diagnosed with a leak, crack or minimal corrosion technicians will work through this process to mend the pipeline. A flexible liner is cut to the dimensions of the preexisting pipe. Machinery then carefully pulls this liner into place within the old pipe. Hot pressurized air is inserted into the pipe to allow the liner to mold itself perfectly to the walls of the old pipe. This covers any leak or crack, and gives protection against corrosion. It is then left to cure for a few hours until it is dry and fully functional.

Sometimes pipes have racks that are too large or too much corrosion for CIPP to be a safe option. In this case, pipe bursting is the method used. Pipe bursting involves a carefully selected bursting head that has been fitted to your pipes dimensions. It is then dragged with a hydraulic machine down the length of the broken or corroded pipe. This shatters the pipe, allowing room for a new pipe to be inserted. A new liner is cut to the exact dimensions of the old pipe and is carefully inserted by machinery. When it has been perfectly placed, it is left to cure into a fully functional new pipe.

At The Pipe Medic, we take diagnosing and treating your pipes seriously. Camera inspections, involving a specialized camera equipped to travel your pipelines, are always used to ensure the location and exact problem within the pipe. Our skilled staff are well versed in trenchless technology and will be able to walk you through the options we have to offer. We care about getting a house back to good health. We also are able to repair pipes in apartments, business buildings and factories. If you need repairs done efficiently and quickly, call The Pipe Medic and schedule and appointment today.

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