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Our Pipe Maintenance Checklist

Our Pipe Maintenance Checklist

As one of the leading providers of pipe repair in Marietta, GA and surrounding areas, the team at The Pipe Medic is highly qualified to diagnose a wide variety of pipeline problems that might require our immediate attention. Below are the types of issues that we look for when performing one of our detailed pipe camera inspections.

Is the Pipe Clear of Roots and Debris?

Blockages caused by roots and other materials or debris trapped inside a pipeline can cause major sewer line backups. Our professional pipe maintenance services include hydro jetting and other cleaning techniques that are aimed at keeping pipelines flowing smoothly.

Is the Pipe Free from Cracks and Damage?

A cracked or damaged pipe is likely to leak sewage into the soil and may be prone to complete pipeline collapse. We offer trenchless pipe repair and even pipe replacement to restore severely damaged sewer pipes to serviceable condition.

Is the Pipe Corroded?

Pipelines that have become corroded due to rust or other factors can also benefit from our trenchless pipe repair services. This technique provides us with a way to completely reline an existing pipe to increase its structural integrity and prevent further damage from corrosion or general pipe weakness.

Has the Pipe Settled or Shifted?

Our pipe repair company uses the latest in inspection technology which allows us to determine whether a pipeline has settled or separated. In these instances, pipe replacement via traditional excavation is often necessary to ensure that the proper flow gradient is once again restored to the line.

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