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What Causes Pipe Leaks?

What Causes Pipe Leaks?

Water leaks often start small, but can very easily turn into bigger problems. The presence of leaks can indicate the possibility of more serious underlying issues with your drains, which can contribute to a rise in your utility and maintenance costs. Below are some of the leading causes of leaks in your pipes and why you need pipe repair in Canton, GA.

Loose or Broken Seals

When it comes to the installation of your pipes or during pipe replacement services, a major part of the process requires the use of rubber sealants around the joints or connecting pieces. The sealants allow for everything to be well connected and watertight. However, due to aging or use over time, the sealants can lose their holding ability and wear out. 

Condensation on your appliances or puddles around the areas may mean you have a broken seal. Reach out to our pipe repair company to confirm and fix the issue.

Clogged Pipe Lines

When left unchecked, clogs can lead to sewer overflow, leaks, and even burst pipes. Your pipes can burst and may need pipe replacement due to pressure building up in the clogged areas. This is when the water will tend to find other means of getting through.If your pipe has cracks, leaks could occur, and potentially costly damage will follow. Watch what you drain or flush away and install drain guards to reduce particulates going down your drain. 

Extensive damage to your pipes can necessitate pipe replacement services. Get in touch with our team when this happens.

Inaccurate Pipe Laying

One of the significant causes of pipe leaks is due to faulty pipe laying. Make sure that your entire plumbing system in your home is inspected, repaired, or installed by a professional. Certain issues can cause backflow, leaks, and pipe sagging, not to mention the cost you'll incur when pipe maintenance is overlooked.

Inspection of leaks should happen as soon as you see them to prevent further damage. Contact The Pipe Medic experts for all your pipe concerns.

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