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The Top Pipe Repair Company in Marietta, GA

Located just north of Atlanta, Marietta is a thriving metropolitan area of its own. Once a small Southern town, today's it's home to businesses of all sizes and shapes. Its residents enjoy the hustle and bustle of this emerging city. They also experience the many benefits of counting on the services of The Pipe Medic.

We specialize in drain cleaning, drain rehabilitation, and sewer inspections. Call the experts in trenchless pipe repair Marietta, GA, businesses and homeowners rely on. Here are the services we offer in the local area:

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Drain and sewer pipes can last for decades without any problems. However, even long-lasting materials like cast iron will eventually fail. That's where trenchless drain repair comes in and why you need to call on the leading trenchless pipe repair company in Marietta, GA, to get your pipes fixed efficiently. At The Pipe Medic, we use a method that doesn't require digging up your yard to get to the sewer line. Instead, we fix the problem from the inside out. We insert an epoxy coated liner into the pipe. Then, using an inflatable bladder, we expand the liner to fit the inside of the pipe. Once the epoxy hardens, it's ready to serve as your sewer line for years to come.

Sewer Camera Inspection

How can you tell if your sewer line is broken, cracked, or clogged by tree roots? A sewer camera inspection can best provide you with the answer. We use a high-resolution camera that has a lens on the end of a long tube. The tube allows us to fish the camera into the sewer line. We can travel the entire length of the line, looking for problems. It's an efficient method for identifying any issues and determining the best solution for fixing them. If you suspect you have a sewer line problem, get in touch with The Pipe Medic for expert sewer camera inspection services in Marietta, GA, today.

Drain Cleaning

Drains get clogged for a number of reasons. Grease and oil build-up is a common problem. It clings to the inside of the pipe wall and captures debris that flows by. Eventually, it grows large enough to interfere with the waste flow. Another reason drains clog is tree roots. Trees send out microscopic roots looking for water and nutrients. A home's waste pipe is an ideal source for both. Once the roots find their way inside, they grow quickly, filling the pipe up and causing clogs. The growing roots can also crack the pipe, creating leaks and eventual failure. No matter the reason that you need drain cleaning in Marietta, GA, we are here to help. We use hydro jetting and other techniques to blast away the clogs.

Pipe Repair

Sometimes, drain pipes are too far gone to use a trenchless pipe repair solution. That's when we look at more traditional pipe repair in Marietta, GA. It does the job and gets your home's drain system flowing again. The only way to tell if your drain is too far gone is to have us come out and conduct an inspection.

Get in Touch With Us Today

When you need pipe repair experts in Marietta GA, reach out to The Pipe Medic. We're here to get the drains flowing again and your sewer pipes fully functional once more. Be sure to call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.  We also offer:

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