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Equipment Used for Sewer Video Inspection

Equipment Used for Sewer Video Inspection

When it comes to identifying sewer problems such as cracks and leaks, finding the exact spot can be quite a gamble. Not only is guesswork a time-consuming process, it can also be a dangerous undertaking since any mistake during sewer diagnostics can lead to further and more expensive damage.

Enter the sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA that The Pipe Medic offers. 

A pipe camera inspection makes sewer issue detection easier and more efficient for everyone involved. We utilize a wide range of equipment that assist us in making the right diagnosis.

Pole Camera

As the name suggests, this device has a pole with a camera attached at the end. The pole camera also has a source of light attached to it. Sewer video inspection technicians use the pole to access the inside of a system while the camera takes footage, creating a quick, hassle-free way to inspect the pipeline for issues. Pipe camera inspections offer a safe alternative to diagnose problems in weak pipes by minimizing the strain on the pipe’s structure.

Manhole Scanner

A manhole scanner goes inside underground infrastructure while recording a side video. The camera inspects for visible cracks and other damages. Sewer video inspection cut the need for personnel to go underground for inspections. Scanners provide us with more information about the pipes.


A sewer crawler is a mobile gadget with a camera and a light that drives or “crawls” through a pipe while recording the video. It also takes pictures for inspection. A drain inspection using a crawler is pretty straightforward when large pipes are the ones being inspected. Some crawlers have advanced features for zooming or laser profiling capabilities. The operator can use the zoom camera to focus on some parts, and the wheel sizes are adjustable to meet the terrain and size requirements. 

Video Nozzle

A video nozzle can perform a plumbing inspection and clean the pipes at the same time. This is because a video nozzle is a combination of a sewer camera and a nozzle that’s used to clean sewer pipes. 

At The Pipe medic, we focus on accurately diagnosing drainage problems and fixing them for good. Contact us today to schedule a pipe inspection service.

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