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Drain Cleaning Company Red Flags

Drain Cleaning Company Red Flags

When you want your drain cleaning in Marietta, GA done right, make sure that you’re working with a pro. Hiring someone who has no mastery over their craft will only end up costing you, literally and figuratively. The Pipe Medic would like to help you avoid unsavory experiences with an unqualified drain cleaning company.

Watch out for the following red flags that could help tip you off against working with an unscrupulous drain cleaning company.

Lacking Experience

The drain cleaning process is a lot more complex than it seems. As such, you’ll want to work with a contractor with plenty of experience carrying out these services successfully. They don't need to have been doing this for decades. However, they do need to have experience with the drain cleaning methods they specialize in or offer, especially with services such as hydro jetting that has a steep learning curve and would thus require immense skill to perform.

Negative Reviews 

Having an online presence can help drain cleaning services providers promote their business. Keep an eye out for the negative reviews and observe how they respond to the not-so-positive reviews. A decent contractor would be willing to reach out and rectify their mistakes and would respond respectfully regardless of the nature of the review.

Avoids Your Questions

Your plumber should be able to explain how they plan to clean your clogged drain and how you ended up with one. They don't have to get technical about it, but you should get pertinent information to avoid clogging the drain again. A reputable plumber would be transparent regarding their methodologies and would not keep you in the dark about important matters about your drains.

Unclear Cost or Payment Plan

When your plumber wants to take advantage of you, they won't be direct about the cost. Avoid working with someone that isn't straightforward when dealing with money.

Wrapping Up: Choose The Pipe Medic

Don't rush to work with the first company you find. If you require reliable drain cleaning, The Pipe Medic can help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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