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The Importance of Regular
Drain Inspections

drain inspection in Atlanta, GA

To keep your plumbing and sewer system in tip-top shape, the experts here at The Pipe Medic recommend that you schedule a drain inspection in Atlanta, GA at least every two years. However, having an inspection done annually can be extremely beneficial. Here are a few reasons why regular drain inspections are so important.

Maintain a Clean and Fresh Sewer Line

A clogged and dirty sewer line can not only hinder the drainage system in your home with frequently clogged or slow-moving drains, but it can also cause foul odors to enter your home through the drains. Our sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA will show us any buildup in your sewer line that can hinder your drain’s performance or cause foul odors in your home. We can then proceed with the best option for cleaning your sewer line and removing the blockage and bacteria build-up.

Save Money

The best way to save money on plumbing and sewer line repairs is to prevent the damage before it occurs or gets worse. Our sewer video inspection in Atlanta, GA, and other camera inspection services can locate small and minor repairs and damage before they get worse. By doing so, you save money on future repairs that could cost a lot more due to the severity of the damage and the extent of repairs needed.

Keep Your Plumbing System Working Its Best

Keeping your plumbing system working its best is the goal of any pipe camera inspection in Atlanta, GA. Camera inspections are a lot like getting a check-up from your doctor and is the best way to evaluate your plumbing system's condition and provide the proper course of action if there's a problem.

Call The Pipe Medic and let us evaluate your home's plumbing with an accurate and plumbing inspection in Atlanta, GA.

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