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The Applications of Pipe Camera Inspections

Plumber conducting a sewer camera inspection

Pipe camera services are a modern and innovative way to inspect, diagnose, and repair your plumbing system. Pipe camera services involve using a specially designed waterproof camera that can travel through your pipes and capture high-resolution images and videos of the inside of your pipes. The Pipe Medic’s sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA, can benefit your plumbing system in many ways, such as:

Detecting Problems

Pipe camera services can help you detect problems in your pipes that may not be visible outside, such as leaks, cracks, corrosion, clogs, roots, or foreign objects. Pipe camera inspection services can also help you locate the exact source and extent of the problem, saving you time and money on repairs. Pipe camera services can also help you prevent problems from worsening or causing damage to your property or health.

Cleaning Pipes

Drain inspection services are typically done before cleaning services so that the technician can see what areas are problem areas and where to concentrate the cleaning efforts. Inspections are also carried out to make sure that pipes have been thoroughly cleaned and that all blockages or buildups have been cleared away.

Replacing Pipes

A sewer video inspection is invaluable in helping evaluate the condition of the pipes that need to be replaced. Camera inspections are used to take measurements, check the pipe material, and assess the situation within the pipes prior to and after the replacement.

Maintaining Pipes

Pipe camera services can help you monitor the condition and performance of your pipes and identify any potential issues or risks before they become serious problems. Plumbing inspection services can also help you extend the lifespan and durability of your pipes and avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about pipe camera services or want to schedule an appointment, contact The Pipe Medic today.

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