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Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Is a Cost Effective Choice

Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Is a Cost Effective Choice

Where in the past, repair or maintenance would have required a larger-scale digging operation, the team at The Pipe Medic that specializes in trenchless pipe repair in Roswell, GA now offers a more efficient and cost effective way to deal with pipeline issues.

The No-Dig Option

As the name suggests, trenchless sewer repair works without having to dig up the ground to access the damaged pipes. Traditional dig-and-repair typically meant trenches dug to access and repair or replace existing pipes. Trenchless techniques, on the other hand, require only a few access points, sometimes even an existing sewer cleanout. The experts at The Pipe Medic do all the repair work entirely underground by lining the existing pipe with a tough PVC-like material with no extra digging or disruption to the surrounding area.

Saves Costs Overall

While the trenchless pipe lining approach to pipe rehabilitation does tend to have somewhat higher costs per foot than the standard dig-and-replace method, it’s the surrounding work involved in the latter that adds up and ends up costing you more.

The excavation involved in traditional pipe repair projects takes a larger crew and larger machinery, involving longer hours, increased need for transportation, and high operational costs. There are also the logistics and transportation surrounding the removal of old pipes. These are additional costs you won’t incur with even a big undertaking such as trenchless sewer replacement.

Probably one of the more costly effects of digging, however, is the disruption to the terrain, which can not only mean blocked traffic but also the destruction, repair and replacement of roadways, driveways, existing landscaping, lawns, trees, decks, pools, lighting and even building foundations. All of those factors amount to extra projects, added work, and higher costs.

Trenchless pipe replacement or repair, on the other hand, needs only a small crew, minimal machinery and just a couple of days to complete, avoiding nearly all of these concerns and potentially saving you not only time but also hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To learn more about trenchless pipe lining and why it’s a cost-effective solution, contact The Pipe Medic today. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form for an appointment.

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