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Start the Year With a Thorough
Sewer Inspection

drain inspection

If it’s been a while since your plumbing was last inspected or if you’re not certain whether a drain inspection has ever been performed at your location, now is a great time to take care of this critical property maintenance task. 

The team here at The Pipe Medic is equipped to provide sewer camera inspection services in Canton, GA, and we’re pleased to offer the following information on the importance of regular sewer inspections.

Uncovering Hidden Damage

The information gathered during a complete pipe camera inspection allows our team to locate cracks, corrosion, separation and other problems with a sewer system before these issues have the chance to become major headaches. We can then perform targeted repair work aimed at extending the life and serviceability of the system.

Finding Potential Blockages

Pipe obstructions generally start small and then eventually grow until the entire pipeline is blocked. Our professional plumbing inspection services give us the opportunity to examine pipelines of all sizes and types for possible future blockages so that they can be cleared away via hydro jetting or another pipe cleaning method.

Our Proven Inspection Methods

Our team has the ability to deploy modern sewer video inspection cameras that deliver real-time footage of the conditions inside of a pipe. The cameras we use are outfitted with lighting and relay reliable images of the pipeline to a laptop or tablet for our team to analyze.

Request Your Sewer Inspection Today

Don’t hesitate to contact The Pipe Medic to schedule sewer camera inspection services. Our personnel will respond quickly to your call and book your appointment for the day and time that are best for you.

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