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Plumbing FAQ Atlanta

How do I shut off my main water line?

Shutting of your main water line is an important first step to stopping water damage from occurring. It’s also an important thing to do to avoid pipe bursts when you leave town in the winter. Here are the basic steps to find your main water line, and take control of an unexpected pipe leak or burst.

  1. Find your water meter. Some meters are located in a plastic box in the ground out on the front of the property, other times they are located in a basement, a closet crawl space, or by your water heater.
  2. Your main water line either has a gate or a ball valve that shuts the entire system off. The pipe leading to the main part of the house is where you will want to shut the valve. The placement of the valve head will vary, so look at the direction of the pipes to help determine which one carries water to the rest of the house.
  3. If you have located your water meter, and cannot find the shutoff valve, call a Pipe Medic technician; they will be happy to help.

Atlanta Plumbing FAQ

What are trenchless pipe repairs?

Trenchless pipe repair services are the answer to providing more environmentally-friendly repairs to underground plumbing infrastructure. Trenchless pipe repair methods utilize equipment to diagnose a piping problem from the inside out, rather than digging a ditch as the term itself suggests. Trenchless pipe repair equipment has been growing more popular over the years, and includes technology like hydro-jets, or sewer cameras. Conventional excavation of pipes is becoming more and more obsolete as trenchless technologies continues to grow.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a trenchless service where a technician utilizes a very high-pressure water jet in order to unclog a drain. The hydro jet is specifically designed to pressure wash the insides of your pipes, but before conducting this service, a sewer camera inspection is necessary.

What is a sewer camera inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a diagnostic procedure, where a technician lowers a camera into your drainpipe so they can inspect pipe problems from the inside-out. The camera is at the end of a long cable, and uses very bright LED lights to help the technician navigate it through the system. An image is displayed on the sewer camera inspection machine, and from here, the technician can safely recommend additional services to you.

What are common signs of pipe and drain clogs?

Common problems that show you need a pipe inspection due to a clog include:

  1. Gurgling noises in drains, or drains that begin taking large amounts of time to drain
  2. Water spilling over a shower drain when your toilet flushes, or when the function of one water appliance in your home seems to affect another.
  3. Sinkholes in your lawn near a pipeline, or a super green tree that is standing out in comparison to others. The tree could be clogging the drains with its roots.
  4. A significant change in water pressure in your shower head or water faucet. This could be a sign of something obstructing the water’s pathway for your use.

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