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Issues That Require Pipe Repair Services

leaking sewer pipe

Pipe issues are a common issue for property owners. But as common as these issues are, they’re still a hassle to deal with, as these issues may make the building occupants uncomfortable and even put their health at risk. The good news is that The Pipe Medic proudly offers quality pipe repair in Atlanta, GA. All you have to do is contact us when you come across any of these issues so we can get right down to fixing your pipes.

Leaking Pipes

Pipe leaks can happen due to various reasons and can be challenging to detect, until it causes issues like increased water bills, damaged walls, ceilings, and floors in your property. Our pipe repair services are top-notch, and there’s no leak too big or small that we can’t handle.

Burst Pipes

A busted pipe can be caused by corrosion, a sharp object piercing the tube, excessive pressure, or aging infrastructure. Busted pipes risk damaging the whole pipe system and sometimes flooding the premises, so they’re pretty hard to miss. Our team would typically recommend a complete pipe replacement if the extent of damage is too severe.

Clogged Pipes

A lot of things could end up clogging your pipe system, such as a buildup of fats, oil, and grease, among other things. The slow drainage, gurgling sound during drainage, and foul odor in the system are signs that your drain is clogged. Our pipe repair company is more than capable of getting that blockage sorted out for you.

Pipe issues can crop up any time, and sometimes pipe maintenance won’t be enough. It would be in your best interest to have a pipe repair professional that you can count on, like our team of pipe experts here at The Pipe Medic.

Contact us at the first sign of any pipe-related problems and we’d be happy to handle it so you don’t have to.

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