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Reasons to Schedule Drain Inspection During Winter

Reasons to Schedule Drain Inspection During Winter

Contrary to popular belief, winter is actually an ideal time to perform a drain and plumbing inspection. Doing so will help avoid experiencing issues that can affect your home’s comfort and prevent expensive repairs. It's always best to get ahead of plumbing issues to save you unnecessary headaches down the road.

The Pipe Medic goes over how our sewer camera inspection services in Roswell, GA can be beneficial to you even in winter.

1. Avoid Bursting Pipes

Winter can cause various plumbing problems such as frozen, or worse, burst pipes. These issues can be avoided for the most part, especially if the pipes are well-insulated. Call a plumbing company for a pipe camera inspection to ensure that your pipes are ready for the cold winter weather.

2. Stay On Top of Septic Issues

When it comes to septic tank backup, it's important to perform the repairs outdoors. However, it can be challenging to schedule these repairs during the winter season. No one wants unavoidable septic tank issues stinking up their home and property. Reputable plumbing companies can come before winter to offer a sewer video inspection to ensure everything is working as it should.

3. Monitor Leaky Pipes

Instead of waiting for a pipe to burst, arrange an inspection of all of your pipes, especially the ones that are prone to leaks. This will help identify potential or existing issues and prevent further damage. While there, the plumber can also perform a drain inspection to ensure no issues are needing to be addressed.

The dropping temperatures during the winter months can be harsh on your pipes, which is why it’s crucial to schedule sewer video inspection services so you can be informed of how your pipes are doing.

Having a seasonal inspection for faulty or otherwise normal pipes is a great way to get necessary work done before the winter chill really sets in. Plus, this will help you avoid inconveniences especially during the colder months.

Contact The Pipe Medic today. We will be there to get your plumbing ready for the winter. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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