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Cost-Effective Trenchless Pipe Repair in Marietta, GA

Trenchless Pipe Repair Athens

Does the idea of sewer pipe repair bring to mind days or weeks of dealing with heavy equipment on your property? Most homeowners dread the idea of having to fix up their landscape after the work is done. Fortunately, this will not be the case at all with trenchless sewer repair in Marietta, GA, an option offered by The Pipe Medic. We have provided the state of Georgia with exemplary results for decades – along with access to new innovations like trenchless, no-dig technology.

An Overview of Trenchless Pipe Repair

If you're new to trenchless pipe lining in Marietta, GA, it's an approach to repairing pipes literally from the inside out. It's a process that does not involve excavation. This fact alone can result in much-appreciated savings. It's also a highly reliable technique that's designed to extend the life of pipes that are still in reasonably good shape.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

The biggest benefit of trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA, is the ability to save both time and money. The process is much less labor-intensive, and it can often be done fairly quickly – usually within the same day. You also won't have to worry about additional expenses for fixing up your landscape once the work is done.

Methods of Trenchless Pipe Repair

A trenchless repair method we use is cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. It's done by inserting a removable liner into the affected pipe. The liner is filled with epoxy resin, a material that adheres to the walls of the pipe and seals cracks or other imperfections. Once the resin hardens or cures, you'll be left with a pipe that's almost like new.

Athens Trenchless Pipe Repair

We're also experts in trenchless pipe replacement in Marietta, GA. This is a trenchless technique that may be recommended if trenchless repair isn't possible. It's also performed with minimally invasive techniques.

Trenchless vs. Traditional Pipe Repair

We start the process of trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA, with a camera inspection that's done through access points. These same entry points are used to insert the pipe liner. A camera inspection is also typically done to see if the affected pipe can be repaired or replaced with a trenchless method. With traditional pipe repair, most of the work involves excavation, which means the entire process could take several days or longer. In addition, trenchless techniques are much more environmentally friendly.

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Make a smart investment with trenchless sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement in Marietta, GA. Let the team from The Pipe Medic provide you the options you need for your situation. You are sure to benefit from 100% customer satisfaction, our local experience, financing options, and even promotions, like 10% off for veterans.

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