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What Could Happen When Pipe Inspections Are Delayed?

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There are various reasons why property owners might opt out of getting their sewer pipes checked. Some might not have the time, nor the budget. However, there are very real risks to putting off scheduling your sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA. The Pipe Medic goes over the leading risks associated with delayed pipe inspections.

1. Inconvenience

We recommend routine pipe camera inspection so that any hidden or potential issues are promptly addressed before they turn into major problems. This will help you avoid the inconvenience of dealing with unfortunate surprises, like a corroded pipe that eventually breaks and can lead to flooding.

2. Declining Water Quality

Whether you need it for drinking, cooking, washing dishes or bathing, the quality of your water is not something that should be taken lightly. A plumbing inspection can reveal the need for some pipes to be replaced. Moreover, inspections can help maintain quality water intake and improve overall water conservation efforts.

The longer you go without a drain or sewer video inspection, the further your water’s quality can decline due to the issues that can develop in your pipes when you’re not looking.

3. Health Concerns

Leaky or faulty pipes may expose homeowners to toxic chemicals found in wastewater. Prolonged exposure to these fumes can have health-related risks.

4. Extra Costs

When you avoid routine drain inspection, you may face extra costs. This is because every inspection helps to identify problems with your piping. However, delayed inspections will still eventually have to be conducted when faced with a leaking pipe or something worse that requires extensive, not to mention costly, repairs.

The Pipe Medic offers thorough, reliable pipe inspections that serve as preventive measures and can contribute to the timely detection of lurking dangers within pipe systems. Routine checks are needed to guarantee pipe functionality and to mitigate the damage that faulty pipes can bring.

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