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Reasons Behind Cracked Pipes

pipe repair in Canton, GA

Whether you believe that there’s a cracked pipe or sewer line at your property or you’re simply trying to stay informed on a wide variety of potential plumbing problems, the crew at The Pipe Medic is ready to help. We’re experts when it comes to residential and commercial pipe repair in Canton, GA and surrounding areas, and we offer the following information on the many factors that can contribute to pipe cracking and damage.

Differential Settling

If the soil base beneath a pipeline isn’t properly compacted, sections of the pipe can settle at different rates. The result may be cracking or even complete separation of the pipeline.

Heavy Traffic

Allowing heavy machinery to be driven over a pipeline is one of the leading causes of pipe cracking and collapse. In some cases, the damage is so severe that complete pipe replacement is necessary.

Rocky Soil

Large, sharp rocks that aren’t removed from the soil prior to pipe installation may eventually puncture the pipeline. This situation is easy to prevent with the help of a reputable pipe repair company like The Pipe Medic.

Pipe Corrosion

A corroded pipe is a weakened pipe. Pipelines that have become corroded due to high-strength wastewater, soil pollutants or other causes are highly prone to developing cracks.

Root Penetration

Plant roots are able to enter pipelines through tiny spaces between sections. Once inside the pipe, they can cause extensive cracking and even pipe blockage unless they are detected and removed with regular pipe maintenance services.

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The Pipe Medic proudly offers quality pipe repair services. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation for the day and time that are best for you.

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