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Factors That Affect the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining

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You may have been told that trenchless pipe lining may be a more attractive option than traditional digging methods. This process doesn't require tearing up your yard and can often be completed in a day or two. It’s also been said that trenchless services are more cost-effective over their dig-and-replace counterparts. But what affects the final cost? 

Here are three key factors that will influence the cost of trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA.

The Length of the Pipe

The first factor that will affect the cost of pipe lining is the length of the affected pipe. This is because the liner that will be used for the trenchless sewer replacement or repair is a tube that must be inserted into the damaged pipe. The longer the pipe, the more material is needed to restore it. In addition, longer pipes may require special equipment to insert the liner properly. 

As a result, you can expect to pay more for a trenchless pipe replacement or repair on a long pipe than a short one.

The Complexity of the Pipe Damage

One aspect that figures in when it comes to the cost of trenchless sewer repair or replacement is the complexity of the pipe damage. If your pipe is severely damaged, it may require a more extensive repair process involving more steps that require special skill to pull off. This could result in a higher price for the service. However, if your pipe only has minor damage, you may get by with a less expensive repair.

While trenchless pipe lining may seem pricey due to its steep initial cost, you’ll ultimately be making a cost-effective choice when you choose to go the trenchless route. From reduced labor costs and the non-need for landscape restoration services, you’re sure to get the most out of your hard-earned money.

To learn more about this innovative pipe rehabilitation process, contact The Pipe Medic today.

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