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What Causes Sewer Stoppages?

trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA

The indications of a toilet that won’t flush, foul-smelling drains, or wastewater coming through the shower usually point to one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares: sewer stoppage. If you come across any of these issues, consider reaching out to The Pipe Medic for professional trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA. We understand that a damaged drainage system can interfere with your routine, so we work promptly and effectively to solve these issues.

In this blog, we discuss the major causes of sewer stoppages.

Flushing the Wrong Stuff

The disposal of items such as feminine products, baby wipes, diapers, grease, oils, or fats in your drain will eventually cause problems. Though they may not cause a problem immediately after being flushed, these items will likely damage your trenchless pipe lining over time. Ensure nothing but human waste and toilet paper gets flushed down your drain. 

Root Infiltration

The roots of the trees near your home can present plumbing system problems that can end up necessitating a trenchless sewer replacement. Tree roots can infiltrate a sewer line as they grow, especially if the sewer system has a slight opening or cracks, which commonly occur at the junction of municipal tap and your home’s drainage. If the roots successfully infiltrate your plumbing system, they can grow and cause sewer stoppages.

Insufficient Drainage

Although modern sewer systems use plastic pipes, many old plumbing systems are still made of cast iron or other materials unsuitable for proper drainage. Cast iron can become easily corroded, rough, and scaled, causing materials to get lodged, resulting in a stoppage. If you got an older home, consider doing trenchless pipe replacement to ensure that your sewer system does not encounter any stoppages.

Damaged Pipes

Pipes can break or burst for various reasons, preventing your sewer system from functioning correctly. Those types of damage may result from increased pressure, significant soil shifts, and heavy traffic on the surface above your pipes.

If you’re considering trenchless sewer repair, look no further! The Pipe Medic has skilled, experienced plumbers who will fix sewer stoppages within the shortest time possible. Contact us today for all your plumbing issues.

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