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Importance of Hydro Jetting
Before Repairs

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If you’re faced with sewage backup issues that may be the result of a damaged pipe, we here at The Pipe Medic are ready to help. We’re skilled at performing all types of plumbing repairs. We believe that every job should start with a thorough cleaning of the problematic pipe. Here’s why we always start our repairs with hydro jetting.

Improved Visibility

The most logical reason for cleaning a clogged drain or pipeline before tackling a repair job is so that our personnel can gauge the nature and extent of the damage. It also allows us to determine the exact location of any leaks, cracks or separation points so that we can apply our proven repair solutions to the correct areas.

Effective Repairs

It’s difficult to reline a pipe or carry out other repair work on plumbing that’s partially clogged with accumulated debris. Our drain cleaning company is highly motivated to get the best possible results for our clients, and hydro jetting the pipe before attempting any repair work is just another way for us to achieve our goals.

Faster Results

While hydro jetting a damaged pipe does add an extra step to the repair process, it can actually end up saving time on the project. This trade-off is generally appreciated by the property owners that we serve.

Why Trust Us?

Our personnel have extensive experience providing pipe repairs and drain cleaning in Marietta, GA and beyond. We always go the extra mile to furnish quality work at an affordable price, and we pay attention to detail on every job, large or small.

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