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Ways a Clogged Drain Is Costing You Money

dollars down the drain Roswell, GA

A clogged drain might seem nothing more than a nuisance. What you might not realize is that clogged drains can also hurt your pockets. There are many reasons why seeking drain cleaning in Roswell, GA should be a priority. One of the reasons has something to do with your finances.

Find out how a clogged drain might be costing you more money.

Clogs Can Damage Your Plumbing

Constantly pouring drain cleaner to remedy a slow-running drain can weaken the pipes and joints. So can the clogs themselves, as clogs put additional strain on your pipes and fixtures. This strain on the pipes commonly leads to leaks and even complete system failures. The problem is especially dangerous if the clog is in your sewer line. If you’ve got stubborn clogs, hydro jetting is a drain cleaning process that can thoroughly clean your plumbing system to remove excess debris buildup.

Water and Structural Damage

Leaks due to clogged pipes can slowly cause damage to floors, baseboards, walls, and other areas. Sometimes, hidden leaks go undetected for years, leading to structural damage if the water reaches your foundation, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs that you can avoid by enlisting the help of a drain cleaning company to unclog your drains before they cause costly problems.

Mold and Pest Infestations

Mold can begin growing when water sits in one place too long, as in a clogged drain. It's unsightly, can result in odd smells, and affects your health. Organic matter and moisture can also attract pests inside your pipes or the moisture around them from leaks. Once pests and mold have invaded your home, both can be extremely challenging and expensive to eradicate, and you will likely end up paying for more than just drain cleaning services.

You don’t have to deal with a clogged drain longer than necessary. Call The Pipe Medic today to schedule a drain cleaning service.

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