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Sewer pipes are often taken for granted, though we've never let any issue pass us by here at The Pipe Medic. We take pride in being the leading pipe repair company in Roswell, GA, using both traditional and trenchless pipe repair methods to best serve our many clients. These services provide distinct advantages yet offer one simple benefit: assuring you of a functional sewer line for a longer time.

All drain and sewer pipe systems can undergo significant stress, which will lead to eventual damage. Up until the last decade or so, traditional pipe repair was the go-to method of diagnosing broken plumbing systems. Traditional pipe repair in Roswell, GA, takes the form of penetrating the ground to diagnose and fix problematic pipes, though sometimes diagnosis doesn't require invasive traditional pipe repair methods.

Most Common Causes

Most plumbing systems are installed correctly. This is usually even more true with industrial applications of sewer lines and even storm drains: Companies financing major projects want to get things right, especially considering the fact that disruptions in water flow could cause their entire business operations to grind to a halt. One of the most common causes of issues necessitating traditional pipe repair is root clogs.

Although industry professionals constantly keep the threat of tree and other plant roots in mind, over the span of several decades, it's likely that plants with hardy roots — such as trees, for example — will grow near the system in question and potentially penetrate one or more pipes. Roots can also grow inside pipes, effectively clogging the holes they created. Over time, the pipe's mass of roots can cause water pressure issues, leading to the pipe bursting or not being able to transmit water at all.

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Freezing is an especially common issue in areas with harsh winters. When groundwater freezes, it expands. The constant freezing and thawing of groundwater cause pipes, as well as what's around them, to move, potentially causing a number of problems.

When Is Traditional Pipe Repair Necessary

We recommend traditional pipe repair services in Roswell, GA, especially when the pipes are made of older materials. Trenchless pipe repair is most appropriate for small issues, which usually don't cause any problems on their own — at least not immediately, that is. After all, it's just not cost-effective to dig up an entire pipe, if not an entire plumbing system, if we can keep from it.

Inevitably, some situations will arise where, no matter how hard we try, trenchless pipe repair methodology just won't provide the benefits that traditional excavations have long been renowned for. Put simply, traditional pipe repair is necessary for taking care of complete pipe replacement in Roswell, GA.

Contact The Pipe Medic for Pipe Repair Services

It's hard to go wrong when we address our clients' traditional pipe repair needs. Going forward, make sure to stay on top of pipe maintenance in Roswell, GA, with The Pipe Medic. Contact us today to get your pipes back on track: We offer 10% veteran discounts, 100% customer satisfaction guarantees, and even financing. Schedule an appointment with our team by calling us or filling out the online form.

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