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Why Grease is Your Drain’s Worst Enemy

Why Grease is Your Drain’s Worst Enemy

It’s understandable to want to flush grease down the drain when washing up after cooking. After all, what else are you supposed to do? However, doing so is only going to cause you an even bigger headache in the end. The experts in drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA from The Pipe Medic share why it’s best to be keeping grease away from your drains.

What Makes Grease and Oil Bad for Your Drains?

Grease, fat, cooking oils, and other similar substances solidify as they cool down. So even if you pour these down the drain while they’re still hot and in liquid form, they will still solidify after a while, leaving you with dried-up fat and oil in the drain pipes. This accumulation makes it nearly impossible for anything else to pass through. At this point, you’re going to need professional drain cleaning services.

Left unchecked, the clog will slow draining, cause backups and blockages, and make the clogged drain pretty much unusable unless the blockage is removed from the pipe. In addition to that, grease and similar materials can take a toll on local sewer systems. Too much grease and fat in the septic tanks and sewers can eventually impact the entire neighborhood’s connected plumbing.

What Can You Do Instead?

Grease, cooking oils, and fats from the food that you cook should be disposed of properly by putting them in a jar or container and throwing them in the trash. This way, you spare your drains from needing hydro jetting, which is the drain cleaning method that we use for stubborn clogs 

Greasy and oily materials can be stored in jars if you plan on reusing them. If not, it is perfectly fine to throw them away in the trash. Instead of pouring the grease directly into the trash bag, you can pour it into something like an empty soda can once it’s cool enough to be discarded. You can also contact a drain cleaning company if you need professional advice.

You can always rely on The Pipe Medic if you need the assistance of a professional drain cleaning company

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