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The Different Types of Pipe Repair

pipe repair company in Marietta, GA

If you’ve been searching for a reputable pipe repair company in Marietta, GA, it’s time that you discover The Pipe Medic. Our established business is staffed by a highly qualified team that puts the interests of the client first and foremost, and we’re skilled at performing pipe restoration and repair on plumbing of all ages. Our menu of expertise includes providing the following services.

Basic Cleaning and Unclogging

We possess the equipment and know-how that are needed to clear away even the most stubborn drain clogs. This makes us the team to count on for general pipe maintenance in Marietta, GA as well as for drain snaking, hydro jetting and other proven techniques for dealing with backed-up piping. Regular drain cleaning is important in keeping your plumbing system clog-free and flowing smoothly.

Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement

As the name suggests, trenchless pipe repair and pipe replacement in Marietta, GA are carried out without having to dig up your yard to expose the damaged pipeline. Many property owners prefer these modern methods because they get the job done while allowing their landscaping, paving, and topsoil to remain undisturbed.

Traditional Pipe Repair and Replacement

In some cases, standard excavation, removal and replacement are the best of all possible pipe repair services in Marietta, GA. If this is the proper strategy for addressing the sewer line problems at your location, our personnel are ready, willing and able to handle the work with speed and efficiency.

Call Us to Schedule a Consultation

The Pipe Medic specializes in both standard and trenchless pipe repair in Marietta, GA. If you need emergency repairs or routine pipe maintenance services, get in touch with our professional team today. You can be assured that the work done will be conducted by a team of licensed, experienced plumbing professionals.

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