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Do You Need An Immediate
Sewer Inspection?

sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA

One of the ways we give our customers fast, reliable answers at The Pipe Medic is by offering non-intrusive sewer camera inspection services in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas we serve. While a sewer inspection isn't always immediately necessary, there are times when it's something you should definitely schedule ASAP, especially if you're noticing any of the issues below.

Multiple Slow or Clogged Drains

If you have more than one drain in your home that's clogged or not draining as fast as it should be, you may have a drain or sewer line blockage. A video drain inspection can identify debris, tree roots, and other common drain clog culprits.

Foul Sewer Odors

Foul odors coming from your sewer lines can do more than just make your indoor air unpleasant. These nasty odors often indicate some type of blockage that could result in backups and other issues if not dealt with quickly. A sewer video inspection done with a specially designed camera can pinpoint likely sources of sewer line odors.

Soggy Lawns and Other Signs of a Leak

A leaking sewer line is also something you'll want fixed sooner rather than later. Get in touch with The Pipe Medic about our sewer camera inspection services if you're noticing signs of a leak that include:

  • A soggy landscape where your sewer lines are located
  • Unusually lush patches on your lawn
  • Sinkholes and/or foundation cracks
  • Indentations under pavers or in your yard
  • Sewer backups

Get Answers to Your Urgent Sewer Problems, Stat

If you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned here that suggest you need an immediate plumbing inspection, call The Pipe Medic. We'll perform a thorough inspection with real-time results you can also view for yourself. We also recommend immediate inspections if you're considering sewer line repair or replacement so appropriate methods can be used.

Contact us today to schedule a pipe camera inspection to find out for sure what's going on with your sewer lines.

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