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History of Trenchless Technology

trenchless pipe repair in Roswell, GA

The professionals at The Pipe Medic are experts in trenchless technology – also known as trenchless pipe lining – and employ it to optimize your plumbing system. We've compiled a brief history to help you better understand how trenchless pipe repair in Roswell, GA works and why we're so excited to offer it to our customers.

What is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless sewer replacement allows for no-dig repair, maintenance and replacement of existing pipeline. It offers a plethora of benefits over previous methods. These include minimal disturbance to surroundings, cost savings and environmental friendliness.

A Timeline of Innovation

The history of this innovative tech demonstrates that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

1970 – Agricultural engineer Eric Wood develops the original cured-in-place piping (CIPP) – the first evolution of trenchless tech – as a method to repair the air ducts for his mushroom farming without disrupting the surrounding soil.

1971 – Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) – another component of trenchless pipe lining – is used to drill beneath a California river.

1975 – CIPP is first used in North America.

1976 – The National Association of Sewer Service Companies is established as the first association focused on trenchless technology.

1977 – Pipe bursting is introduced to mainstream use via a civic project in the United Kingdom.

1984 – During a large pipe installation in Florida, micro tunneling becomes mainstream in pipeline work across the U.S.

1990 – The first national trenchless organization – North American Society for Trenchless Technology – is formed in the U.S.

2005 – Dr. Mohammad Najafi publishes the first trenchless technology textbook.

2016 – World Trenchless Day is established and celebrated for the first time.

Today – Trenchless technology has become the go-to method for trenchless sewer repair and other pipeline work in the U.S. and throughout the industrialized world.

Let The Pipe Medic Help

If you are looking for trenchless pipe repair, look no further. Contact The Pipe Medic to learn more about what we can do for your plumbing.

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