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Why Your Georgia Pipes Need Professional Cleaning

Caring for the pipes in your Georgia home shouldn’t be an afterthought. Routine plumbing maintenance needs to be included in your yearly home checklist. By having your pipes inspected and cleaned, you’ll benefit from …

Four Reasons You Should Call Pipe Medic

Most people have a stereotypical outlook on plumbing services. At The Pipe Medic, we are a reliable and trusted company that solve any pipe problems our customers in Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Athens, Sandy Springs, …

How to Thaw Your Frozen Pipes

On the first day of a big freeze, it’s easy to be fooled to think that it’s just a time to admire the new snow-filled landscape. The first freeze may be a time for admiration, but it’s also a time for investigation. Be sure to …

How Georgia Winters Affect Your Plumbing

Winter can severely affect your pipes and plumbing system. They can make your pipes freeze, burst, and have issues including clogging and leaking. Many home and business owners forget just how much the changing season can impact …

How does the Atlanta heat affect my plumbing?

“Hotlanta” is a term coined for the many attractions that make Atlanta, Goergia a “hot” and booming city to visit or be in, but it can also be taken literally due to the high heat that can be reach in the summer months. Many …

When Should My Pipes Be Winterized For The Winter?

If you’re like many Georgia residents, you may believe that winterizing pipes is an annual activity reserved for the frozen north above the Mason Dixon line. While the northern half of the country does see more sub-freezing days …

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