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Is It Time for Drain Cleaning Services?

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Straining drain systems with clogging issues will usually raise red flags to let you know that something’s wrong and require prompt attention. Unfortunately, these signs tend to be overlooked. That is until the drain suffers a complete clog. The drain medics at The Pipe Medic suggest you keep a sharp eye on these signs indicating that a drain cleaning in Roswell, GA is due.

Slow Drain Flow

Seek drain cleaning services immediately if you notice abnormally slow drain flow. Dozens of issues could slow down your drains, but typically, the leading culprit is buildups. The buildup of fats, soap, and various debris blocks the sewage pathway. The blockage then impedes the water flow. Be especially vigilant when you notice that all the drains in your home are slow-clearing.

Foul Drain Smells

Call your drain cleaning company once your drain starts generating foul odors. The unique structuring of drain systems doesn’t allow waste to fester in the pipes. However, when drains get clogged, the accumulation of what gets flushed down is given time to harbor bacteria. Bacteria from clogs are almost always the source of the unpleasant drain smells that you might be.

A Surge in Drain Flies

A clogged drain often attracts drain flies, which can be such a hassle to deal with. Drain flies often thrive in environments with standing water, and when you’ve got a clogged drain, stagnant water is not that hard to come by. The presence of drain flies is never good news, and it’d be in your best interest to schedule a drain cleaning when these pests start to frequent your home.

Weird Noises

Clogs could sometimes make the water in the pipes flow in the opposite direction. These will often lead to bubbling and gurgling sounds that can quickly turn disruptive. For stubborn clogs, we can recommend hydro jetting which can get rid of blockages for good.

Let The Pipe Medic help keep your drains clean and clog-free. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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