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Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Harmful in the Long Run

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When faced with a clogged drain, many homeowners prefer or are tempted to handle the issue themselves without the assistance of a professional plumber. While these issues may seem like they would be easy to fix through the do-it-yourself method, DIY drain cleaning can have disastrous results – especially in the long run.

Put an end to handling drainage issues on your own only to have the problem return. When it comes to drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, The Pipe Medic advises against DIY methods due to the following reasons.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

The majority of off-the-shelf drain cleaners marketed as household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that corrode the drainage pipes. As a result, you may need to replace the entire system or have the lines replaced frequently. Additionally, the toxins found in the cleaners are easily inhaled, thus, endangering the health of those nearby. Always seek the advice of a plumber to resolve such issues using non-toxic techniques like hydro jetting.

Making the Problem Worse

When you try to do away with professional drain cleaning services, sometimes you are exacerbating the issue. Often, what seems to be a minor clog can actually be a bigger clog that can’t be removed using DIY means. For instance, using a drain snake to try and remove a particularly stubborn clog might only dislodge the blockage further down the drain, making it more difficult to handle.

Damaging Plumbing Fixtures

Tinkering with your plumbing can have disastrous consequences not just immediately but also in the long run. The combination of augering and using drain cleaners with harmful chemicals can accelerate corrosion in the pipes. Contacting a drain cleaning company is still the best way to get rid of clogs once and for all. This will spare you the additional costs associated with drain pipe repairs.

So if your drains need to be cleaned, don’t hesitate to contact The Pipe Medic for an appointment.

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