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Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

Sewer Repair Atlanta

Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

At The Pipe Medic, we are devoted to providing our residential and commercial customers across Atlanta with the most innovative, cost-effective sewer pipe repair methods in the industry. With our sewer pipe repairs, our customers won’t have to pay for additional labor costs or having trenches dug on their property, saving them money as well as time from having to be relocated or experience extensive periods of downtime. Our services are designed to only take a few hours to complete, ensuring that the problem will be fixed quickly and without uprooting your property.

Our sewer pipe repairs are conducted following a thorough sewer camera inspection and a hydro jetting cleaning session. At The Pipe Medic, we value our customers time, and by taking measures to ensure that our diagnosis of the problem is not only accurate but our cleaning sessions are thorough, we can ensure that when we repair their sewer line that the results will be long-lasting and effective.

Our technicians conduct a sewer camera inspection by establishing an access point to the sewer lines. This point of entry is either dug by our technicians or is an existing point—such as a clean out—but after it has been created, our experts can move forward with the inspection. The camera is inserted into the pipe through the access point and is carefully navigate throughout the pipeline in question. The camera captures high-quality footage of the pipelines, allowing our technicians to very clearly see the problems plaguing your pipelines.

After we have diagnosed the problem, we clean the pipes with our hydro jetting equipment. By releasing hot, pressurized water into the sewer pipe, we can completely remove clogs and any waste buildup along the pipeline’s interior, restoring its original diameter and ensure that all of the debris is properly disposed of.

Atlanta Sewer Repair

Trenchless Technology

Our sewer pipe repairs rely on trenchless technology to be effective and easy to install. We avoid the need for digging trenches by completely rehabilitating the pipes from the inside and using the same access points established at the beginning of our visit. The liner is inserted into the pipeline and expanded to fit to the diameter of the pipe, allowing the epoxy resin to coat the walls. After the resin is applied and the liner is removed, the resin is cured for a few hours and hardens to act as the new pipeline. Not only is it minimally invasive, but the results are better than those seen in traditional sewer repair options. We can do repairs as small as fixing a leak to total sewer replacements with trenchless pipe lining methods, leaving you with a fully restored sewer system in a single day. The epoxy resin liner that we install and use to replace your old pipe is safe for use in potable systems in your home and business as well, making it an efficient and versatile repair solution.

If your sewer pipes aren’t operating properly don’t hesitate to call our team at The Pipe Medic for support. We have the tools and equipment needed to help restore your pipes and sewer system with reliable, long-lasting results. For our customers in Atlanta and the nearby communities, look no further than The Pipe Medic for your sewer pipe repair needs, and we will be happy to assist you.

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