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Factors That Affect Trenchless Pipe Lining Success

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The development of trenchless pipe lining technology has significantly reduced the time and cost associated with pipe restoration projects. While trenchless sewer repair has made countless infrastructure projects worldwide possible, the success of each instance does not just rest on the efficacy of the technology, but on other factors as well.

Our team offers trenchless pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, and we make sure to work as efficiently as possible. There are certain aspects that we check to make sure that each project is accomplished accordingly.

1. Pipe Size and Location

The technology behind trenchless pipe lining has various applications and can work on a wide range of pipes. Bigger pipes would naturally need more material, as more epoxy resin mixture is needed, not to mention more time and calculations required to achieve the optimal pipe liner to resin mixture ratio. And while the whole trenchless sewer replacement process is, well, trenchless, where the affected pipes are located still factors in.

After all, any pipe line that requires trenchless pipe replacement still needs to be accessed. So if there are troubles with pipe access, the project will be affected.

2. Pipe Condition

An assessment of the pipe condition is conducted before any trenchless sewer repair work can be done. If the pipe is cracked or damaged, trenchless installation may not be possible or require more extensive work than would be necessary with a properly prepared pipe. Poorly conditioned lines also leak more, leading to significant damage and expense down the road.

3. Weather and Ground Conditions

Weather can also significantly impact the success of a trenchless pipe lining project. If the ground is wet, difficult to dig, or lacks the proper drainage, trenchless pipe replacement may not be possible. Poor weather can also cause pipes under buildings to become waterlogged, making them even more prone to damage or other problems.

4. Contractor Competence

Trenchless services require expertise – not just any contractor will be able to provide satisfactory results. The succes of any trenchless pipe lining project ultimately depends on how competent your contractor is.

With The Pipe Medic, you can rest assured that your trenchless pipe lining project will be completed successfully. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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