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Tips on Caring for Your Drains This Summer

Tips on Caring for Your Drains This Summer

Summer is here, and with all the extra time spent cooking for the family and frequent showering due to the heat, your drains can suffer if you're not careful. Luckily, The Pipe Medic is a reputable drain cleaning company in the Roswell area that knows how to keep your drains in good condition all year round. 

We offer the following tips on how you can keep your drains clean and functional this summer and how our services involving drain cleaning in Roswell, GA can help.

Keep An Eye On What Goes Down Your Drains

Even if you have a garbage disposal, it's smart to pay close attention to what you allow down your drains. Materials such as coffee grounds, eggshells, and bones shouldn't go down the drain, nor should they go down the garbage disposal. The same goes for fats and greases. These easily harden and stick to the sides of your pipes, resulting in a clogged drain

But if you do encounter a stubborn clog due to congealed oils and the like, our hydro jetting service can clear that right up.

Keep Foul Odors at Bay

The summer heat can exacerbate foul odors coming from your drains. This can put you in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation, especially if you’re having guests over. Things like this are likely due to your clogged drain. The accumulated matter rots, and when it does, it produces a stench due to the presence of bacteria. Schedule drain cleaning services regularly to keep your drains odor-free.

Have Regular Cleanings Done

Having your drains regularly cleaned and inspected by a reputable drain cleaning company is the number one way to help maintain your drains this summer. Regular cleanings keep dirt and sediment from building up and eating away at your pipes. It prevents clogs and backups and can identify small problems before they wreak havoc to your household’s summer plans.

Trust The Pipe Medic to keep your drains clean and functional regardless of the season. Our trained staff will get your drains clean in no time, without you having to stop your barbecue. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

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