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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Atlanta

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

Here at The Pipe Medic, we see instances where preventable big-time fixes end up costing customers more than it should. Being proactive is a huge factor in avoiding last-minute, emergency fixes, and if you’re experiencing signs of sewer issues, don’t hesitate to call us. Not only are we a reliable and affordable company, but we also offer the most innovative solutions with our trenchless sewer pipe repair options. Long gone are the days of huge trenches and multiple days worth of work, and for all of our customers in Atlanta, you can rest easy knowing that our services are available to you.

Before the repair process can begin, our team is tasked with conducting a sewer camera inspection. This inspection allows us to determine the condition of your pipes and any pre-existing damage and give us the information to determine if a simple cleaning session is required or if our repair services are required. This information is all valuable to both present and long-term care for your pipes. Once we are able to determine what the best approach is, we are able to proceed with trenchless repairs and replacements.

Atlanta Trenchless Sewer Repair

The Process

After our inspection, we clean the pipes and prepare it for repair. This allows us to get down to the raw pipe and eliminate buildup so that it isn’t interfering with our work and the restoration process. We approach complete repairs by lining of the entire length of the inside of the pipes. We push through an epoxy coating and make it fit exactly to the length of the pipes. Once that is in place and ready, we inflate the liner. The liner allows the epoxy resin to coat the walls, and after it hardens, it becomes the new, primary pipe. Completely formed within the old pipe, the new pipeline reinvigorates the sewer system as a whole with its smooth and jointless qualities, ensuring that future problems will be much less likely to happen.

There are many benefits to this procedure opposed to tradition pipe repairs and replacements. Our trenchless sewer pipe repairs allow us to preserve the integrity of your home and avoid digging dangerous holes onto your property to access the sewer lines. While a small access point is made, no extensive digging is required for this service to be effective. In addition, our trenchless sewer pipe repairs are efficient and reliable. Our technicians are able to complete this process in as little as one day, and with a fraction of the equipment and crew needed for traditional excavations. The eliminated need for heavy machinery and crew leaves our customers with a smaller expense. With the results of a durable epoxy coating throughout the entire system, you are left with a reliable system for decades to come.

At The Pipe Medic, we offer full-service trenchless sewer pipe repair options to our Atlanta customers. From sewer camera inspections to cleanings and complete renovations, we are able to do all of our procedures as a trenchless method. If you’re in need of any sewer repairs, give us a call today so that we can get your sewer system back to proper working condition once again.

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