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Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Lining Over Pipe Bursting Techniques

The pipe lining and pipe bursting techniques have been a huge advancement in the field of trenchless sewer repair and replacement; however, they are both not created equally. When you are thinking of getting a pipeline repair you are most likely not thinking about the differences they both present; you choose whichever that will work best for you. In this regard, this is the reason you should consider using epoxy pipe lining technique before choosing the pipe bursting technology.

The Similarities They Have

Let us point out the similarities of both techniques to understand the benefits epoxy pipe technology has over pipe bursting method.

Back in the 1980’s both techniques started to become very popular. The epoxy pipe lining technique is referred to as the CIPP, which is the cast in place piping, while the pipe bursting technique is known as the pipe upsizing or the splitting.

Both methods can repair the damage that exists within your pipes without having to dig up or even remove your old pipes. The trenchless pipe repair saves business and homeowners the substantial costs associated with digging up and removing the old pipes, while also significantly reducing the labor cost for excavation, and not forgetting the technique preserves your landscape. Both methods can accomplish the same goal, but the two processes depend on two different operations.

What Happens to the Burst Pipes?

Trenchless pipe bursting technique uses special equipments, when your pipes burst a replacement pipe will be pulled behind. The technique can handle any pipe diameter; however, it comes with some drawbacks. The large type of pipe bursting technique will require an insertion pit dug. Thus, the pipe bursting process is not entirely trenchless, as you would think.

Percussion forces that occur from the burst pipe tend to change the ground movement; in turn, this affects the infrastructure that is surrounding the job site. The pipe bursting technique can be hazardous especially on the sandy and rocky soils. Therefore, a thorough evaluation will have to be done before the pipe bursting can commence.

Why Your Plumber Prefers the Epoxy Pipe Lining Method.

The epoxy pipe lining technique is accomplished by simply fabricating the materials on-site, and then running the resin-soaked liners through your damaged pipes. The benefit of the two-part epoxy method is that it cures your problem on site; it simply creates a structure seal on the original material on your pipe. What this means, the success of the technique is not dependent on the soil type that is present at the job site. Additionally, it will not create disturbance in the soil present.

The CIPP technology works effectively with any original pipe; this includes the clay pipes, cast iron and PVC. The project has a finishing time of not more than two days, unlike the pipe bursting method; the epoxy pipe lining is a safe method to use anytime of the year and in any season.

Additional Benefits to be Aware of

Long Lasting Technique

The Epoxy pipe lining method has an approximate life expectancy of 100 years. The method has been able to withstand the test of time; this is more than 40 years in Japan and around 25 in the United States.

There is Minimal Downtime

The technique will take up a fraction of the time spent in the traditional piping method. For example, the traditional piping method would take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, but with the epoxy method, it takes around two days to get the job done.

It Offers Versatility in Applications

The epoxy pipe lining method can be performed in any metal in any building, environment or structure. Additionally, the method could be used either above or below the ground. The technique has been made available for hot water recirculation systems and the portable water pipes, the fire sprinklers, chiller lines, fire suppression system and the HVAC system. In simple terms, the method can fix any piping problem that you might have.

It is Eco-Friendly

The epoxy lining is an eco-friendly solution, as it does not create any waste for the landfills or even for recycling. Moreover, the method does not produce any carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. The lining will prevent any heavy and toxic metals from leaching into your drinking water. The technique will also prevent any future breaks and leaks in your piping system that tend to contribute to water pollution, which cause the loose of billions of dollars in water damage annually.

It is much easier for you to deal with a plumbing problem when you fully understand the options that are available to you. The next time you are faced with making a decision while your pipes are leaking in your home or office, try to consider epoxy pipe lining method versus the pipe bursting technique as it offers you better and long lasting benefits.

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