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Why sewer lateral lining repair is the best option?

The value of having properly functioning sewer lines cannot be underestimated. Those who have had their sewer lines temporarily damaged know the predicaments that the whole house undergoes. Technically, almost all operations in the house come to a halt including laundry, showering, visiting the loo and in other cases, drinking water. It is at this time that one realizes that there is need for urgent solutions for such situations.

The solution lies in trenchless sewer repair. It is amazing how technology has impacted our day to day lives in almost all sectors. Plumbing too hasn’t been left behind. It is now possible to get your pipes repaired without the plumbers having to dig through the ground and messing up your yard’s beautiful outlook. This method of sewer repair has come to replace the old fashioned and traditional way of repairing sewer damages.

As much as it may have served us right for quite a long time until now, traditional methods of sewer repair definitely has to be replaced with sewer lateral lining repair. Why is this?

  1. The traditional method was labor intensive. This means that one had to hire or contract a large number of plumbers to dig, locate and fix the sewer problem. The laborers too wasted a lot of time doing this.

  2. The approach brings causes down time especially in businesses. This tends to negatively affect businesses. Down time is brought about as a result of plumbers taking too long to find the fault and repair it. During the operation, the pipes aren’t usable hence bringing everything that is reliant on them to a halt.

  3. It is untidy. The process involves digging deep trying to find where the pipe is before they can even start locating the exact faulty area. Plumbers may even end up digging different sections of the yard or garden making it untidy.

  4. It causes recurrent costs. One will be left with extra costs such as trying to get the lawn or yard back to shape after the repair process is over.

So, how does lateral lining repair solve all this? Sewer lateral lining repair also known as trenchless sewer repair or CIPP is an advanced method that eradicates the need for plumbers to have to dig to find and correct faults in sewer lines and pipes. All they need to do is find one opening to the pipe after which they introduce a thin elastic material in molten form into the old piping system. The material dries up throughout the entire length blocking any openings in the old pipe. Its advantages include:

  1. No digging means you lawn remains tidy and untouched. Not only does it retain its original natural beauty but also reduces the extra costs associated with having to get the lawn back into shape. This makes it cost effective too.

  2. The down time is reduced. The whole process is over in a matter of little time and your business picks up. You therefore don’t have to incur major loses due to a pipe burst.

  3. Not a lot of plumbers are needed hence it isn’t as labor intensive as the traditional approach.

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